Uncle Ralph bought a brand new tractor And he named that rascal Clyde Ralph could grow most anything There wasn't much he hadn't tried Proudly sitting high up in the seat He found that Clyde was a dependable machine Before putting him in the barn each night Ralph made sure Clyde was spanking clean A few years later, a neighboring farmer stopped by To chew the fat awhile and shoot some bull He suggested to Ralph that he enter Clyde In the annual Pike County tractor pull Rubbing his chin, Ralph mulled it over And knew Clyde would surely win the prize The big day came with the tractor hitched up Before hundreds of spectators' eyes People still talk of the spectacle that day Clyde huffed and puffed throwing dirt aside And when he pulled that sled across the finish line Ralph's chest swelled up with pride Accepting the prize and hearty congratulations Uncle Ralph whooped out a great big shout Clyde smoking up a storm and rattling with age His poor old engine splattered and then gave out Uncle Ralph broke out in sobs and bawled When that tractor just sputtered and died Dabbed his eyes with his red bandanna Said adios to his dear old friend, Clyde Kathleen McCoy Eldridge© June 30, 2007 All Rights Reserved share



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