The lights are in a tangle; They're like this every year. I might as well get at it before Mom finds out I'm here. It's always been my job to straighten out the lights. I volunteered at ten years old and was probably not too bright. Since then, it's become a tradition I used to love to keep. But when I found out it was work, out of the house I'd creep. Mom would always find me and say, "Tim, you know it's time." And back to those old tangled lights I'd go and play sublime. I'm just the little old Christmas elf who gets the lights undone. I should trade jobs with Santa; at least I'd have more fun. I've been at it since Thanksgiving and now the lights are done. They're on the decorated tree and burning....every one! I guess I'll get on home now Christmas Eve is almost nigh. I need to make a deal with Brian about untangling all my lights! Kathleen McCoy Eldridge© December 12, 2004 All Rights Reserved


"I'm Gettin' Nuttin' For Christmas"
Sequencer Unknown To Me