Snowflakes are gently falling again And the outside looks so beautiful Pretty soon, I'll have to shovel the walk Because I've always been so dutiful icon Redbirds so colorful against the snow Crystal icicles forming on the trees People rushing to make it home As the wind kicks up a cold breeze icon Fuzzy little animals scurrying to and fro Frantically looking for something to eat Quickly burrowing in hidden places For a warm, dry and cozy retreat icon Lighting a match to the logs in the fireplace Sipping tea and trying to keep from freezing Snuggling in my rocker and my old Afghan The snow and ice outside increasing icon Twilight is falling and all is serene Fluffy blankets covering all the yards But I like snow much better when it falls On televisions and on Christmas cards Kathleen McCoy Eldridge© November 11, 2006 All Rights Reserved icon



Snow Effect by Kurt Grigg
Courtesy of Dynamic Drive

Music ~ "Still"
Midi File Collection By Prairie Frontier

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