I loved to visit Grandma On Sunday afternoon She made her special cookies And let me lick the spoon My sister went along with me From the time that she was four Just spending time with Grandma Made us love her all the more Grandma got out her fine tea set And the table looked so grand Then her cookies, nice and warm Made it seem like a fairyland She told us tales of long ago Sometimes, a yarn she'd spin I wish that I could change her back To the way that she was then Grandma doesn't know us now It's sad to see her fade I wish we could have tea again With cookies that she made We always felt so grown up On those Sunday afternoons With tea and cookies on our plates And singing merry tunes She will soon be with the angels In God's sweet tender care When it's my time, I hope that I Will meet my Grandma there Kathleen McCoy Eldridge© April 18, 2006 All Rights Reserved

Artwork provided by Penny Parker

Some Sunday Morning
Sequenced by Frank Schober
Grandpa's Schober's Midi Files

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