Days Of Yesteryear

Come stroll with me through yesteryear Reminisce of times long passed When we were young and fancy-free As though childhood would always last Recall summer days and winter nights Good and bad times the family shared Renew some old acquaintances To see how we've all fared We'll walk again where once we romped When the future seemed long and bright And picture us all as children laughing Playing games on a moonlit night Our parents sit on the old front porch Mother sews; Daddy strums his guitar Seven children seemingly without a care Gaze wistfully at a shooting star School years pass; holidays come and go Slowly, but surely, we all grow older And venture out to follow our dreams The fires of childhood just a smolder In our twilight years, we realize Our children and grandchildren dear Someday will recall and stroll down through Their precious days of yesteryear Kathleen McCoy Eldridge January 24, 2007 All Rights Reserved
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   "Funny How Time Slips Away"
Sequenced by Dick Anderson
Dick Anderson's Country Guitar
Graphic Set by Designer Lady