smpic We always looked forward to Saturday Because there was no school We thought we'd have two days to play But Mother was no fool After breakfast, the kitchen was cleaned Any bugs there, we sure got 'em Scrubbing, mopping and waxing Cleanest house in Johnson Bottom Then we moved from room to room Repeating the same old thing 'Till everything was sparkling clean Be it fall, summer, winter or spring Mother took us girls out one by one Into the old wash house Picking and combing for hours As our poor heads got deloused In the afternoon, when the work was done Television was the prime Western Theater and Superman Then Howdy Doody Time Supper on Saturday was a treat Hot dogs set us to squealing The smell of coffee filled the air Its aroma so appealing With fondness, I remember then It's in my mind to stay When our family worked together for Our Johnson Bottom Saturday Kathleen McCoy Eldridge © October 9, 2005 All Rights Reserved









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"Happy Days"
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