Martha Kathleen


Lovingly Dedicated to Kitty Some people have lots in common From hobbies to media to profession But good friends are hard to come by Is certainly a true expression My dearest friend introduced me To a lady whose husband just passed A widow myself for four long years I knew that her sorrow was vast People tell you that it'll get better That's a myth I'm here to debunk Moods range from crying to depression And wallowing in the old blue funk Only those who have gone through it Really know what it is to grieve After losing your long-time soul mate When this world he has to leave My new acquaintance and I get together By mostly talking on the telephone We lean on each other's shoulders Now we don't have to cry alone We are two widowed friends still grieving And we know how tough it's been We comfort each other and I'm glad to have My new friend, Martha Kathleen Kathleen McCoy Eldridge© May 19, 2006 All Rights Reserved


"What A Friend We Have In Jesus"
Sequenced by Wanda Fischer
Wanda's Music