Genghis Khan, the Mongol warrior Was a conqueror of many lands He loved to kill and burn and pillage And the blood dripped from his hands Known as a ruthless, fearless man Genghis Khan had a hidden defect It seems the Mongol was superstitious But he couldn't let his troops suspect He had decided that the land of Persia Would increase his vast empire So he led his warriors to battle again Complete tyranny his ultimate desire Stopping to rest in the shade of a tree He saw a nut lying on the ground And when he touched that Persian delight His sword started spinning around Their leader's eyes almost bugged out And the men were mumbling and gawking When right before their very ears That walnut started talking The nut told Genghis he could be of help In routing the Shah and becoming successor The Mongol listened carefully to the nut 'Cause he lived for being the oppressor Genghis Khan picked up that walnut And reasoned that he shouldn't provoke it Wrapping it in his bright red scarf He was careful not to choke it The walnut helped him conquer the entire world While his enemies continued to berate it Until one day, the walnut lost his voice So he cracked that thing and ate it The most feared conqueror in history Has long since been dead and gone But, to this day, some people still wonder, "Who was that nut with Khan?" Kathleen McCoy Eldridge © March 14, 2007 All Rights Reserved
Music ~ "I'm A Nut"
Sequenced by Margi Harrell