My heart is deeply saddened
By some news I heard today
A childhood friend is gone from us
Our dear, sweet Linda Kay

Our families grew up together
In a poor Kentucky coal camp
Playing games and sharing secrets
By the light of an old oil lamp

Going to school and church together
Spending holidays with delight
Wanting our fun to continue
Begging to spend the night

Once when staying overnight
Kay sat on Reese's flitter
She was so embarrassed
But the rest of us just tittered

I guess we thought they'd never end
Those happy, carefree days
But the families moved to different states
And went their separate ways

Our mothers were the best of friends
Until the last days of their lives
Children stayed in touch though far apart
Two now gone, but ten survive

Kay is free from her earthly pain
And has crossed to a better place
We will miss our friend forever
As she rests in God's embrace

Kathleen McCoy EldridgeŠ
October 26, 2005
All Rights Reserved

"If We Never Meet Again This Side Of Heaven"
Mary's Gospel Midi Heaven
Used with Permission