Joy and laughter fill the air
Everyone's excited
Grandma is expecting us
And we are all delighted

Daddy's warming up the car
Mother's settling disputes
As the kids are getting dressed
In snowsuits, mittens and boots

Gifts and homemade goodies
Are packed away in the back
To keep little hands from pilfering
And snitching a little snack

Driving carefully through the snow
Icy windows make it hard to see
A half an hour from Grandma's house
Little sister gets about to pee

Daddy slowly pulls in at a rest stop
And the kids say they all need to go
Mother tends to each one's business
As the others romp around in the snow

Soon, we see the lane to Grandma's
And her house comes into view
Curls of smoke rise from the chimney
And Christmas lights of every hue

Grandma's standing in the doorway
Loving arms stretched out so wide
Grandpa's snoozing in his recliner
The house is warm and cozy inside

Bright and early on Christmas morning
Opening gifts with pure elation
Family gathered from far and near
Thanking God for this celebration

Kathleen McCoy Eldridge©
November 4, 2006
All Rights Reserved

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