Two little babies born two years apart Came into our lives and captured our hearts They grew up like sisters and became fast friends People who didn't know them took them for twins The older girl was ill and needed lots of care And her closest friend was always there To share the good and help with the bad And keep her friend from feeling sad They skated together and swam in the pool And helped each other with work from school They played in the park and shared their toys And as they grew older, they discovered boys They talked of graduation and being on their own And rooming together when they were grown Then finding two men who would love them forever Ah, but that is a future endeavor Friends from the cradle now in their pre-teen days They're very much alike in a lot of ways Of all their friends that number in the dozens They like each other best and they're loving cousins Kathleen McCoy Eldridge© July 19, 2005 All Right Reserved

Music ~ "Nearly Tomorrow"
Sequencer Unknown To Me

Float Script by Kurt Grigg
Courtesy of Dynamic Drive

Background Sets ©MagnoliaD, 2005