Sorting through things that I've kept I found something I didn't expect Among the various keepsakes lay An old, faded wedding bouquet The years flashed back through my mind Like a tape that was set on rewind To an incident from so long ago When I was to marry my beau I was not destined to be his bride And still remember the tears that I cried Although I waited for him until dawn I couldn't face the fact that he'd gone Without even a backward glance He failed to give our love a chance For years, I felt sorry for myself Till I grew tired of being on the shelf When I thought that I'd never be a wife I met the one true love of my life Then, my old love was no longed missed It was like he never did exist I cleared the cobwebs from my mind And left that part of my life far behind I no longer dwelled on those bygone years And didn't want any of their souvenirs I smiled as I looked at that arrangement Of dead flowers that held no more sentiment And when I discarded that forgotten bouquet I was ready for a real wedding day Kathleen McCoy Eldridge© July 26, 2006 All Rights Reserved