When Daddy got out his fiddle Friends and neighbors gathered 'round It wasn't fancy and was far from new Just one from a thrift store he had found Daddy had always wanted a fiddle From the time he was just a young boy It was a luxury the family couldn't afford One he knew he would never enjoy Until the day he passed that store And saw a used one on display But when he saw the asking price With a heavy heart he walked away Every afternoon when school let out He walked by and looked at that fiddle Then offered the owner three dollars down Said he'd work off the balance little by little In three month's time that fiddle was his He carried it proudly from that store Daddy never was one to ask for things But he had never wanted anything more He cleaned that fiddle and polished it Until the finish looked brand new Bought new strings and put them on But still my Daddy wasn't through There was one little teeny tiny thing He thought to himself with a frown He had never played a fiddle in all his life But that wouldn't get him down He started practicing to the family's chagrin On that very special fiddle he'd bought He learned to play better than any pro And was completely and thoroughly self-taught None of his children every learned to play We just loved listening to the tunes He played for us as we danced around Every Saturday afternoon Ah, such fun when he played his fiddle I can still hear it to this very day But melodies never came from it again After the day that Daddy went away Kathleen McCoy Eldridge© July 17, 2006 All Rights Reserved

Music ~ Soppin' The Gravy
Sequenced by Ed Hetzler
Hetzler's Fakebook