As we walk along life's pathway There are bridges we must cross Sometimes we wander far off course As we deal with painful loss One by one our loved ones pass It's so hard to bear the grief These are times that try our souls And God brings sweet relief When our burdens are so heavy And we feel they're too hard to bear As we journey down that pathway God will ease our hurts and cares I've crossed so many bridges Because of loss and hurtful pride God has always comforted me Through all the tears I've cried Each time I face another bridge I feel my strength start to sway God takes my hand and walks with me And washes my burdens away We all have to cross our bridges No matter where we may roam Hold onto God's unchanging hand And you won't have to cross alone Kathleen McCoy EldridgeŠ April 12, 2006 All Rights Reserved ~ Lovingly Dedicated to Virginia ~


Photograph ©Until Then Graphics

Music ~ Jesus Draw Me Close
Sequencer Unknown To Me