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Heartistic Expressions

For Jacob Summertime is almost here Spring has started to wane Days are so much hotter now School is out again We get to go barefooted And wade into the creek Play outside till eight o'clock The year is at its peak Granny's garden's doing fine Watermelons will soon be ripe Sweet juice running down my chin A big one I'm gonna swipe Going fishing by the dock And catching fireflies Suppers from the garden Eating Granny's homemade pies Running outside in morning dew Air fresh from a midnight rain Getting stung by a bumblebee Granny spraying to stop the pain Uh oh, Granny's calling me Have to bathe and go to bed I pretend that I don't hear her 'Cause I'd rather play instead Warmth of the sun upon my face It's my favorite time, you see Summer holds special wonders For a lucky little boy like me Kathleen McCoy Eldridge© May 29, 2006 All Rights Reserved