Corn cobs have lots of different uses That most folks don't know about You learn to make do with what you have When you're accustomed to doing without bullet In the fall of the year, I make myself A brand new corn cob pipe And keep it clenched betwixt my teeth When I'm out a huntin' for snipe bullet Home grown popcorn is mighty good eatin' With my fancy, store-bought teeth Many whole ears are used for decoratin' The door with a pretty autumn wreath bullet We keep a bushel basket of corn cobs In the outhouse; they're a big plus When the catalog is all used up A corn cob does the job with no fuss bullet When the hunger pangs are a gnawin' Nothin' will satisfy your belly Bettern Ginny's homemade biscuits With a glob of her corn cob jelly bullet Iíve been mulliní over the thought Of makiní some corn cob wine I gotta brew me up a batch this fall And Iíll bet itíll taste just fine bullet My recipe for corn cob wine Was my greatest inspiration A person can accomplish many things With hard work and inclination bullet Kathleen McCoy Eldridge© May 31, 2006 All Rights Reserved divider bar


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