I looked outside my window
On a dreary, wintry day
And saw two cardinals playing
I watched 'til they flew away

Their playfulness reminded me
Of a love from long ago
When life was kind and full of joy
Before he had to go

When I sit by the fireplace
It's more than I can bear 
A tender longing fills my heart
Because I still see him there

Then suddenly I remember
As the past starts to unfold
He's gone from me forever
And the warmth turns into cold

You asked me why I'm grieving so
And I could not explain
It broke my heart to say good-bye
Now nothing is the same

It's pointless to reflect on
The memories I still hold
A heart once happy and filled with love
Feels nothing but the cold

Kathleen McCoy Eldridge©
August 11, 2005
All Rights Reserved


Graphic purchashed from
Artecy Cross Stitch and Anne Shelton.

Javascript by Kurt Grigg

Before The Next Teardrop Falls
Sequenced by Dick Anderson
Dick Anderson's Country Guitar