December brings us Christmas That magic time of year When love abounds With joyful sounds And family gathers near A pine tree cut from on a hill A home that's filled with glee Children congregate To decorate And sing in harmony The pungent smell of homemade pies Makes us long with anticipation Nostrils filled With spicy yield Sometimes gives 'way to temptation Gifts bought in secret and hidden away Part of a yearly tradition A wash house locked The window blocked Gives reason for suspicion The smell of fruit emanating From the drawers of the old sideboard Thoughts of nuts and candy Make us all feel dandy 'Cause we know Mother has a hoard On Christmas Eve, we're waiting As nearer Christmas draws With firelight glowing And soft snow blowing We wait for Santa Claus A treat, a gift and then a hug From the dear old gent in red Joyfully sharing Voices blaring And then it's off to bed Christmas morning up before dawn To the living room we all scurry There are dolls and toys And trucks for the boys The house is in a flurry A day of laughter and happiness Filled with joy and elation The house a mess But we couldn't care less It's a magical celebration Kathleen McCoy EldridgeŠ July 13, 2005 All Rights Reserved Written in Memory of & Lovingly Dedicated To Homer & Sadie McCoy divider2



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"I Heard The Bells On Christmas Day"
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