No Choice

I sit alone and thoughts abound
Of times now history
When I had no perception of
How lonely life could be

My love departed long ago
Left me with a broken heart
How could I live without him
My life was torn apart

The world just kept on turning
My heart became adjusted
To day-by-day distractions 
No other man I trusted

Out of the blue and to my surprise
An old love came a-calling
And knocked upon my heart's door
With memories recalling

Once again, I gave my heart
And wedding vows were spoken 
A day of love and happiness
A diamond as a token

Together such a short time
Again, I was left alone
With memories now of two loves lost
And a future of unknowns

"Why me?" I screamed in silence
But no one heard my cries
It seemed that life was meaningless
And filled with sad goodbyes

I sit alone and wait for when
Again I will hear the voice
Of two so loved who went away
And left me with no choice 

Kathleen McCoy Eldridge©
July 11, 2005
All Rights Reserved

Floater Java Script courtesy of Kurt Grigg.

"Unchained Melody"
Golden Oldies

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