Passed down to many loved ones Through several generations Granny's maple rocking chair Was one of Grandpa's own creations Every brace and curve and spindle Carved with tender, loving care Granny was expecting then And she rocked her first one there A mother to seven children Granny taught them the way to go She made each one feel unique And they all loved her so Granny knitted, crocheted and sewed Made all the clothes they wore Sitting in her rocking chair Working till her fingers were sore In the winter she would sit there Cozy in her homemade shawl Nodding off to sleep at times And telling stories to us all When she was in her eighties Her hands were gnarled and slow And still she did her mending By the oil lamp's flickering glow Not long after Grandpa died Granny's eyesight began to fade She couldn't do her knitting then Nor the clothes that she once made The light went out of Granny's heart After Grandpa was called away She followed him two years later And that rocker is on display In my little brother's living room Where it holds a prominent spot A reminder of their years together And grandparents we never forgot
Kathleen McCoy Eldridge©
July 9, 2006 
All Rights Reserved  

Grandma Lena Varney Herald

"We'll Meet Again"
Sequenced by Frank Schober
Grandpa Schober's Original Midi Files