Snow is covering the ground But Spring will soon appear The mailman brings a catalog At this time every year Eagerly, we gather 'round And savor every page Like children in a toy store In merriment we engage Trees and flowers, seeds and plants Through the catalog abound Visions of our garden cause Excitement all around Plants we've never seen before Flowers in every hue Will grow in rich abundance What a wondrous view Our vegetable garden beckons Beneath the frozen Earth Waiting for its turn again A glorious rebirth Choosing all our favorite things Filling out the form Watching each day for the mail The weather's getting warm Finally, the big day comes We dig and cultivate Working long and tedious hours Rows all neat and straight Gentle rains fall down upon The thirsty, sun-parched ground The plants will soon be peeking through True happiness I've found Our labor has been all worthwhile We now await the harvest Gathering our precious crop Thinking nothing will ever part us I hear a noise and I awake From a dream so real to me Longing for a time now passed That lives in my memory I lost my love while I was young Our children are all grown Each year they await the catalog Planning gardens of their own Kathleen McCoy Eldridge© August 3, 2005 All Rights Reserved


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"Just Someone I Used To Know"
Sequenced by Dick Anderson
Dick Anderson's Country Guitar

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