A sky that's slightly overcast It's sort of nippy, I do declare Could it be a touch of autumn Is drifting through the air? The leaves are changing colors Summer flowers starting to fade Warm feelings in the sunshine And a little chilly in the shade Chrysanthemums are flourishing Almost time to lay the garden by Store the harvest for the winter Summer's ending with a sigh Autumn is such a lovely season Colors of yellow, red and gold Leaves drifting silently to the ground Nature's wonders to behold Sunny days and chilly nights Smoking chimneys in the morn Cutting back the roses In the spring to be reborn Much of nature's beauty To this season will succumb And be replaced by other wonders Yes, I feel a touch of autumn Kathleen McCoy Eldridge© August 2, 2006 All Rights Reserved

Photograph ©Until Then Graphics

Midi ~ Sleepwalk
Sequencer Unknown To Me