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Summer's almost over
Enjoy it while you can
Seems like just a whisper
Since sunny days began

Growing pretty flowers
Splashing in the creek
Veggies from the garden
Sunsets quite unique

Eating watermelon
Juice dripping down your chin
Making homemade ice cream
Watching windmills spin

Sitting in the porch swing
Drinking lemonade
Munching on the ice cubes
Ninety in the shade

Running through the sprinkler
Such joy at getting wet
Making wonderful memories
Times we'll ne'er forget

Relaxing in the twilight
Hearing nighttime sounds
Fireflies and cricket chirps
Happy laughter abounds

Thankful for our blessings
Another day comes to an end
Time forever passing
Soon autumn will begin
Living life to its fullest
Clocks ticking fast away
No dwelling on past or future
Doing the best we can today

Kathleen McCoy Eldridge©
August 13, 2006
All Rights Reserved


Music ~ Sunrise Serenade
Sequencer Unknown To Me

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