The year is slowly winding down The cooler wind has blown It's time to reap the harvest Of all the seeds we've sown Hard work and God's sweet grace Have multiplied our yield To last us through the winter Our baskets overfilled God has richly blessed us With abundance in our crop We bow our heads in thankfulness And on our knees we drop We sometimes take for granted The gifts that God bestowed Never bothering to thank Him For carrying our load Let us all remember These blessings we must share And He will smile upon us For God is everywhere Kathleen McCoy Eldridge© October 12, 2005 All Rights Reserved


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Artwork by Tom Sierak
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Graphics by A Christian Witness

"When The Work's All Done This Fall"
Sequenced by Frank Schober
Grandpa Schober's Original Midi Files

Falling Leaves Script
from Dynamic Drive