Summers At The Lake Our parents bought a summer home In a little town upstate I fell in love with that big old house When I was only eight Every year in July or August We'd pack our things and go To spend a month at our retreat Fondly called "the white chateau" The lake came almost to the house So we didn't need a dock We tied the boat to an old tree stump Our anchor was a cement block Three of us took the boat one day And paddled to the other shore The area was filled with trees and brush So we decided that we'd explore Walking along, big brother stumbled Into a swarming yellow jacket's nest We did all we could to fight them off He was jumping like a boy possessed We all knew when we got back home There would be a stern lecture from Mother She almost fainted when she saw the stings That just about covered big brother One night after the others had gone to bed I sneaked out to go skinny dipping The boys next door saw me from a window Boy, I sure did get a good whipping Everything that happened at our summer home Didn't turn out to be a catastrophe We had more fun than we'd had all year The kids so young and fancy free I think about those long ago years And it makes my old heart ache Recalling all the happiness we shared Spending summers at the lake Kathleen McCoy Eldridge© June 13, 2006 All Rights Reserved

"Flowers Never Bend In The Rainfall"
Written By Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel
Sequencer Unknown To Me