The Old Country Store We loved to go with Mother To Frank Dotson's store in Phelps He was cheaper than some others When you're poor, that really helps Most anything could be bought there If a person could afford it Jars of candy lined one shelf The kids all headed toward it Mother had her list made out And the meager cash allotted She made all our clothes for us To the fabric counter she trotted Then she headed for the meat Of which we got very little And had a piece of fatback weighed To cook with pintos in the kettle Their cigarettes were luxuries So buying them was banned Mother and Daddy rolled their own From a red Prince Albert can We got to look at new shoes for school After buying food and cleaning supplies We loved trying on the pretty ones Searching for just the right size Too soon, the shopping was all done Mother headed us for the door I still recall the fun we had At Frank Dotson's country store Kathleen McCoy Eldridge© May 30, 2006 All Rights Reserved
"As Time Goes By"
Sequencer & Artist Unknown To Me