Break out the ice cubes Drink to good cheer It's that time of season When summer's here Days and nights are so hot That I'm always sweating To keep out mosquitoes I sleep under netting My scalp runs with sweat And my hair gets all stringy Perspiration's so bad That my clothes are all clingy Cool showers help a little I smell like sweet clover Before I get myself dried I'm wet again all over The grass is so brittle It crunches under my shoes The flowers are dying I'm getting the blues I try to keep cool By running through the hose Or jumping in the creek Without any clothes Skinny dipping is something I don't really favor Since I got reported By some nosy neighbor My dishes need washing The beds are unmade I just can't function When it's ninety in the shade Since I'm alive and breathing I really shouldn't complain The sky's getting cloudy We may get some rain Might as well stop griping And accept status quo I'll be wishing for some heat In six months or so Kathleen McCoy Eldridge© June 26, 2006 All Rights Reserved





"Galloping Guitar"
Sequenced by Dick Anderson
Midi Studio Consortium