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Days are warm and nights are chilly The smells of fall are in the air Fresh pumpkin pies set out to cool Bright leaves tumbling everywhere icon Jams and jellies line the shelves Of Mother's pantry in the hall Gathering fruits and vegetables Seeds from sunflowers standing tall icon Climbing up in the walnut tree Jumping to make the limbs shake Filling up our coffee sacks Ah, the fudge these nuts will make icon Homemade mincemeat underway As we cut and dice and chop Thinking of Thanksgiving pies With fluffy whipped cream on top icon Resting under the big plum tree That shades an old pine bench Eating as the juice runs down our chins Nectar attracting bees and finch icon An outdoor fire burning hot and bright Under a tub of apple butter Spicy aromas waft through the air 'Tis a smell that's like no other icon Daddy dons his protective gear To take out the racks of honey We chew on the waxy honeycombs And laugh 'cause he looks so funny icon At suppertime, we gather 'round Thanking God for our daily bread And for our crops so abundantly To prepare us for the winter ahead icon Night is falling; the air is cool Smoke is rising from the chimney Tired, but happy that the day is done 'Twas an Autumn potpourri icon Kathleen McCoy Eldridge© October 6, 2006 All Rights Reserved bar





"Heart Of My Heart"
Sequenced by Gloria Canfield

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