Two old sisters Sittin' by the sea One was Shig The other was me We bought new bikinis Just for the occasion I looked like a blimp She looked like a raisin We had a bright idea To go to the beach Wearing our bikinis Stuck in the breach We sat for awhile And toasted in the sun The water looked tempting It was time for fun Shig jumped in And I went after People on the beach Were rolling with laughter We each thought the other Knew how to swim We started sinking Our chances looked slim We grabbed each other And started to paddle I landed on the beach With Shig astraddle After that fiasco We made a new rule We'll do all our swimming In the wading pool Kathleen McCoy EldridgeŠ August 1, 2005 All Rights Reserved

Music: Chasing The Wave
Sequencer Unknown To Me

Artwork: From Dover Electronic Design Series

Java Bubble Script by Kurt Grigg