Punkins in the cornfield
Waitin' to be picked
Pies gettin' made
And bowls bein' licked

Ma's punkin pies
Shore taste yummy
Takes nigh a whole one
To satisfy my tummy

Granny's punkin cookies
Is the best I ever et
Pa's makin' wine
I ain't had none yet

Lots o' fun games
Us youngins play with punkins
But unlike the apples
They's no good fer dunkin'

Right real soon now
Comes Halloween
Makin' Jack-o-Lanterns
Scariest ever seen

When Thanksgivin' comes
I shoo away the flies
I just can't let 'em git
To all them punkin pies

Yep, I'm a little punkin eater
Plumb orange through and through
Punkins is my weakness
So what's a boy to do?

Kathleen McCoy Eldridge©
July 8, 2006
All Rights Reserved

Music ~ Red River Valley
Sequencer Unknown To Me