Today's the day we get to go Down the road to farmer Green's And pick out a great big pumpkin To carve for Halloween My brother is always bragging That his will be the best But I'm going to make my jack-o-lantern Far better than all the rest I'll cut off the top and clean it inside Even though it's a slimy mess That's part of the price I have to pay For a scary jack-o-lantern I guess Because I'm just a little kid I'm not allowed to use the cutter I draw the face on with a magic marker And the carving is done by mother I watch her very carefully To make sure she gets it just right When that part is finally done I put a candle in for light Out to the porch go the pumpkins Among the other Halloween stuff there Mine is the scariest one this year And my brother pretends he doesn't care Come Halloween night, we kids dress up In the costumes that mother made for us And go house to house yelling, "trick or treat" In our loudest Halloween chorus Kathleen McCoy Eldridge© May 15, 2007 All Rights Reserved



Midi ~ "Happy, Happy Hearts"
Sequencer Unknown to Me

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