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It's Thanksgiving time again As the family gathers near Joyful hearts are thankful To see our loved ones here Women buzzing 'round the kitchen Finishing up the dinner Men loudly watching football And betting on the winner Children playing happily Sweet noises from outside Someone's snapping pictures To save with love and pride Smells emanating from the kitchen Someone yells, "It's time to eat!" Dinner's finally on the table We clamor for out seats Hands joined in a circle Grandma quietly says grace Amens whispered in unison As loved ones we embrace Happy talk and gaiety Old times are remembered Missing those who've left us Since this time last November Everyone has eaten their fill And Mother serves dessert Pumpkin, pecan and apple pies A bonafide calorie alert The day is slowly winding down And loved ones now will leave It's so hard to say, "good-bye" Forever, we shall cleave We are so very thankful For those who have come our way Humbly now, we bow our heads And thank God for this day Kathleen McCoy Eldridge© November 22, 2005 All Rights Reserved

Music ~ Family Circle
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