Mother loved to take our pictures As we grew up and aged She pasted them in albums And treasured every page Back then, all film was black and white And developing hard to come by Pictures taken in January Weren't seen before July Mother loved her cameras And called them each "Kodak" She'd snap a candid picture To see how we'd react One cold day in wintertime Outside we had to come Mother held the camera backward Took twelve pictures of her thumb When family came to visit Mother got her pictures out Folks would "ooh" and "ah" for hours She was very proud, no doubt It wasn't until after she was gone That I suddenly realized We didn't have many pictures of her And a plan then crystallized I took my favorite picture of her And had her portrait done I wish she could have seen it It's my favorite one It hangs above my mantle now So everyone can see My beautiful Mother's portrait And her smile meant just for me Kathleen McCoy Eldridge© April 20, 2006 All Rights Reserved
Mother's Old Cameras

Artwork: My Daughter Elizabeth
by Frank Benson

Music ~ You're At Peace In His Love
Sequencer Unknown To Me