Lovingly Dedicated to my Wonderful Big Brother Every time he saw a drawer Junior's curiosity soared He couldn't help but plunder Whenever he got bored The junk drawers were so tempting And Mother had a few Full of odds and ends best thrown away So, what's a boy to do? One day, he was looking through The uppermost chest drawer He sorted through buttons, string and tape Then, what do you think he saw? There before him in full view Was a brand new leather belt He decided that he'd put it on And make his waist look svelte Just as his hand reached for the belt The darn thing started wiggling He shut the drawer and turned around Then heard Mother giggling Junior cautiously opened the drawer again His hands began to shake With a closer look, he realized Ye gads! It was a snake He screamed at Mother, "Get the gun." "I'm gonna hunt 'im down." Mother herded the kids outside Then she loaded a round Junior wasn't worried, though As he took careful aim Mother opened up the drawer But the snake was playing a game It had disappeared, but Junior knew It was somewhere in that chest As Mother opened drawer after drawer Junior shot the linens to heck Finally, there was one drawer left The scoundrel must be there As the drawer was slowly opened Junior quavered with despair Face to face now one must die The battle had begun Mother screamed and Junior shot That pesky son of a gun It measured out at five feet long Junior hung it on a pole And for the next two years we slept upon Sheets that were full of holes The moral of this story Is very profound but fun If you plunder in another's drawers You'd better be ready to run Kathleen McCoy Eldridge ©July 17, 2005 All Rights Reserved

Music ~ The Happy Wanderer
Sequenced by PR Stephens
St. Celia's Corner