Mom and Child
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If I could see her just once more The way she looked so long ago When I was young and so was she And I loved to watch her sew bullet Her feet were busy as she treddled That old Singer sewing machine The whirring, humming and pedaling Was part of her daily routine bullet Her nimble fingers guided the prints As she sewed on bows and laces To make us dresses so pretty and bright Smiles lit up our little faces bullet Sweat beaded on her forehead And her eyes were sharp and keen While wisps of hair curled 'round her face As she bent over that machine bullet Deep in thought, her beautiful face Showed the hard work of her labors To bring in a little extra money She sewed for many neighbors bullet Wearing homemade bloomers and dresses We didn't realize that we were blessed With every stitch our mother sewed To keep such a big family dressed bullet If I could see her just once more I'd let her know that I now realize How hard she worked with little reward And the worry that showed in her eyes bullet For all the sacrifices that she made Before she went to Heaven's shore I will thank her silently in my heart Till I can speak to her once more bullet Kathleen McCoy EldridgeŠ March 5, 2007 All Rights Reserved Share the Love! animated divider

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