A Cow In Old Milwaukee In the capital of Wisconsin Lived an old milk cow named Muss That cow had such an ornery streak She made us all want to cuss We knew not to say any dirty words 'Cause Mother would surely whip us Just the thought of helping her milk that cow And the shivers would totally grip us Mother always did the milking But one of us had to hold the tail Muss flipped that tail right in our faces She was mean and not at all frail Upon my honor I really thought That old milk cow was crazy The day I saw her in the field Trying to uproot a daisy I wondered what she was doing I'd never seen such a thing before By golly that cow was flirting With the bull in the pasture next door It wasn't long before old Muss Gave birth to a little brown calf Watching that cow and her little offspring Made us kids all hoot and laugh You'd think that calf would have mellowed Muss But her daughter was so ugly and gawky And I’m sure she took her meanness from That cow in old Milwaukee Kathleen McCoy Eldridge© May 12, 2006 All Rights Reserved

Song: Milk Cow Blues
Sequencer Unknown To Me