Hammers & Nails Cheryl made a doll house with exquisite detail. She labored for years, but it got smashed to heck. but Only a wooden candleholder is Junior’s work I’ve seen. Hey, that was twenty years ago! Did he forget his sister, Bean? but As for little brother, Danny, there’s another story. Where’s that keyboard stand? Was it just allegory? but We all have our specialties: Lena cooks and I sew. Bon loves to decorate. We’re good. We know. but The world of woodworking with its nooks and niches can have all the others who’re too big for their britches. but So, keep telling your stories of shelves, wood and grain. Have you sniffed so much glue that it’s deep-fried your brain? but Give me some proof of this phantom wood works or keep your mouths shut and don’t be such jerks. but Despite the insults, the digs, poems and tales, we’re the best of friends. That fact never fails. but But, I know who’s best; and, I’ll tell you true. Daddy’s still number one! Who's number two? but Kathleen McCoy Eldridge© February 13, 2001 All Rights Reserved

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Midi ~ Sailpipe
Sequencer & Artist Unknown To Me