In the fall, we strolled together Admiring the works of God And the beautiful Kentucky hillside Was sprinkled with goldenrod but Our old jalopy took us many a mile For hours, we would talk and ride We never tired of each other Our hearts full of love and pride but Stopping to climb high on a hill Daydreaming, picnicking for hours And as the sun was going down Picking loads of fragrant wildflowers but Before we knew it, we were off again Storing even more memories Our wants were small; our needs so few In spite of life’s uncertainties but Never realizing our time was so short Living only for the love of each other Enjoying that last carefree, happy day Not knowing we'd never have another but When he left me in the wintertime I heard a mournful whippoorwill Now my love and the goldenrod Wait for me on a Kentucky hill but Kathleen McCoy Eldridge© October 4, 2005 All Rights Reserved













"Someone To Watch Over Me"
Sequencer Unknown To Me