Recalling some of the good old days Memories almost make me wish again That I could see those familiar faces 'Way up north, in Fenton, Michigan More than forty years ago, the four of us Went to Pellet's Department Store Daddy and Cassell bought swimming trunks And vowed their skinny dipping days were o'er We loaded up and went to Silver Lake Being shy, I wore Bermuda shorts Rocky and I waded close to the edge Cassell and Daddy decided to be sports The water was kind of cool that day Summer still wasn't at its prime Cassell took a run-and-go and dived right in But Daddy waded in a little at a time Right away, Cassell swam out so far That I was beginning to worry Splashing himself a little at a time Daddy sure wasn't in a big hurry He was finally getting used to the water Said it wasn't as cold as he'd feared One minute, Daddy was splashing around Then, in a flash, he had disappeared It seems that Silver Lake has a drop off About ten or twelve yards from shore Daddy had fallen right off that thing And ended up right on the lake floor Rocky and I started screaming for help Daddy popped up like a Jack-in-the box He was spitting and sputtering and cussing And looked so funny in his bright checkered socks Every time I tell what happened that day I still laugh so hard I get a bellyache Just thinking about all the fun we had Splashing and swimming in Silver Lake Kathleen McCoy Eldridge© May 31, 2006 All Rights Reserved

Midi ~ Come On Everybody
Sequencer & Photographer Unknown To Me