Stubfinger was a hard-workin’ man With a bunch of kids jolly and frisky He gave into a weakness, though When he commenced to a drinkin’ whiskey One day afore he left to go to work He told the youngins to paint the outhouse “It had better be done when I git home.” He said to Fronie, his spouse The youngins got the whitewash and started workin’ ‘Cause they shore didn’t want no whippin’ They declared to git it done afore their pa got home You shoulda seen that whitewash a drippin’ When that privy was all whitewashed They had ‘bout a pint left, at the most Kids bein’ kids, they took the rest And slapped it on an old fence post Late that night, the youngins looked outside In the dark, that old post was a glowin’ They felt kinda proud of the job they’d done Then a mean, howlin’ wind started blowin’ When Stub come a staggerin’ home that night The poor man come nigh ‘bout to faint “Fronie, honey, run and git my gun ‘Cause I’m a gonna shoot me a haint!” He emptied his shotgun into that thang Said he warn’t a-feared a no ghost They had a big laugh the follerin’ day When they seen the bullet holes in the post Stubfinger told this story his self And it made him set about to thinkin’ “Afore I kill me another fence post I spect I gotta give up that drinkin’!” Kathleen McCoy Eldridge© May 28, 2006 All Rights Reserved

The Alfred Hitchcock Show Theme
Sequencer & Photographer Unknown To Me