The Fourth Of July

Growing up, our favorite summer holiday Was what we knew as the fourth of July Of course, we kids didn't think of independence It was a special time when neighbors stopped by Families in the coal camp of Johnson Bottom Celebrated pretty much the same way The hot dogs, hamburgers and other goodies Were treats to eat outside on that day Mother bought bottles of what we called pop In a wooden crate that held twenty-four And put them in a wash tub filled with water Cold and fresh from the pump it would pour Daddy got a special order from the company store Gallons of ice cream packed in dry ice We had chocolate, strawberry and vanilla 'Cause one flavor just wouldn't suffice There were ice cream cones and cold watermelon Games of hopscotch and horseshoes in the lane Some played marbles and hide-and-go-seek I sometimes long for those fun times again We Americans still celebrate in much the same way As families did in those days of the past I hope we never lose sight of what the day really means And our freedoms that in the World are unsurpassed Kathleen McCoy Eldridge© May 21, 2007 All Rights Reserved

The Battle Cry of Freedom
Sequenced by Barry Taylor
Taylor's Traditional Tunebook