Snowflakes tumbling to the ground Covering the Earth without a sound Rainbow lights glowing in the night Flames dancing in a fireplace bright Sweet cherub faces all aglow List'ning for Santa's "Ho, Ho, Ho!" Gifts all wrapped and 'neath the tree The pine smell lingering pleasantly Christmas goodies, spicy and sweet Tempt our taste buds for a treat Family gathered from far and near Filling the house with holiday cheer Stars shining brightly in the sky Portend that Christmas day is nigh A time to celebrate and share Missing those who cannot be there Church bells ringing loud and clear Choirs singing of a Babe so dear Celebrating the Christ child's birth Blessings sound all 'round the Earth The house so silent, the night so still Memories recalling against my will Looking 'round the room, I suddenly find Fond Christmas wishes dwell in my mind Kathleen McCoy Eldridge© December 19, 2006 All Rights Reserved

Sequencer Unknown to Me