Written Prior to my Second Cancer Surgery

The monster reared its ugly head I was overwhelmed with fear I called upon the Lord for help And knew that He was near Through my pain and suffering The Lord heard my humble cry He held my hand along the way The monster to defy Time progressed and strength returned My pain turned into hope I felt that I could live again And knew that I could cope When it was least expected The monster again returned And killed the hope within my heart For healing, I have so yearned "Oh, Lord," I cried, "please help me." "I can't bear this alone." He came again and took my hand Such peace, I'd never known The time has come to face my dread My heart is more at peace God gave me strength to carry on My fears, I now release I place my life in God's kind hands I do not hesitate I sink into a world of shadows While I await my fate Kathleen McCoy Eldridge© August 14, 2005 All Rights Reserved

No One Ever Cared For Me Like Jesus
Sequencer Unknown to Me