Perfumed scents are everywhere
A kaleidoscope of colors delight
Beauty that causes the birds to sing
His wondrous glory shining bright

Glowing like the sparks of a firefly
Beautiful hues reflect the morning sun
It's a glorious celebration of nature
As I enjoy them, every one

The colorful roses so gentle to touch
Annual flowers in splendid array
Such a rainbow of hues in my garden
Thanking God for this magnificent day

Children laughing and running playfully
Picking blossoms as they approach
Nature's elegance and the Heavenly sounds
Are such that nothing can encroach

Enveloping all the beauty of nature
Fills my soul with child-like fascination
 Reveling in this tremendous atmosphere
Praising God for His incredible creation

Kathleen McCoy Eldridge©
May 17, 2007
All Rights Reserved

Midi ~ Anastasia
Sequencer Unknown to Me