Rummaging around in my sock drawer
I just couldn't find a black pair
I'd barely gotten the drawer open
There were so many stuffed in there 

I figured it was time to clean it out
So I pulled out that whole drawer
And sat it in front of the dresser
Plopped myself down on the floor

I found six pairs of light blue footies
From several hospital stays I'd had
I decided that I'd better keep them
'Cause they really didn't look too bad

A colorful array of fuzzy footwear
That I got for Christmas years ago
And some of Cassell's and Luke's old socks
That I wear with my flops when I mow

The surgical hose I wore during surgery
Were really now just in the way
Support socks when my ankle was sprained
I might need them again someday

Red and blue socks with treads on the bottom
Sure were warm for a cold winter's night
Knowing I would need them before too long
I couldn't let them out of my sight

Now the sock drawer was neatly sorted
I was pleased with what I had done
But I just couldn't bear to throw any away
So I kept them all - every one

Pushing and tugging, I got the drawer back in
But not before my left thumb got squashed
Then I remembered that my black socks were
In the hamper just waiting to be washed

Kathleen McCoy Eldridge©
October 24, 2006
All Rights Reserved

Midi ~ The Entertainer
Sequencer & Graphics Artists Unknown To Me
No Copyright Infringement Intended