Nippy autumn weather Apples falling from the trees Colorful chrysanthemums Blowing in the breeze Gathering the final harvest Making apple butter Storing food for winter The kitchen all aflutter Climbing high up in a tree Filling up our sacks Spreading walnuts out to dry Eating ones with cracks Hiding the biggest pumpkin Behind an old tree stump Carving a Jack-O-Lantern Scary and orange and plump Shelling popcorn off the cobs Blisters on our hands Enjoying caramel apples Making holiday plans Filling up the coal house Chopping kindling wood Enough to do all winter Hoarding all we could Smoke curls from the chimney Winter coming on Cutting back the roses Raking up the lawn Airing out the winter quilts The mothballs' pungent smell Pitching hay up in the barn Cleaning out the well Family working together Trying to survive Faithful and God-fearing Glad to be alive Kathleen McCoy Eldridge© October 11, 2005 All Rights Reserved

Thanks to Pixels by Judy for the tubes.

Thanks to Jane's Place for the fills.

Music ~ Peaceful Easy Feeling
Sequencer Not Listed