Peeking out a frost covered window pane I see winter is finally here A bone-numbing chill is in the air And snow is everywhere My old, plush robe is buttoned tight My slippers are fuzzy and soft I count my blessings as I go Soft snow is falling aloft Little red birds are shivering Ducks sliding on the frozen pond I light a fire in the old cook stove And start putting breakfast on "Just wait until the kids see this," I think, as I smile inside The looks on their faces priceless Bright eyes all open wide I'll let them build a snowman Since there's no school today They'll make sure that the birds are fed Then, it's time to play Out come the sleds and the old ice skates The children are so excited I watch them from the window They all look so delighted It's into the house for hot cocoa With marshmallows on the top Huddling around the fireplace List'ning to the dry logs pop Day is done and all is quiet I reflect upon the reason Why God has spared me yet again To welcome another season But such things aren't for me to know I think as I'm digressing God has given me so much And I'm thankful for His blessing Kathleen McCoy Eldridge© October 9, 2005 All Rights Reserved







Used with permission


"Celebrate Me Home"
Sequencer Unknown To Me