For Teresa A graceful golden butterfly Fiery as a volcano Sparkling eyes like precious gems Strong as a pompano Long, lean legs, a tiny waist A figure tall and svelte Golden tresses, sweet round face Lips that make men melt Dancing shoes on dainty feet Now ready to begin Music softly starts to play A thumping heart within She strikes a pose, then pauses Tempo now increasing She swirls and prances faster now Pure energy releasing Arms now swaying to and fro Feet animated swiftly Dancing with abandon Steps performed so elegantly The music stops and so does she She bows her head and waits Applause bursts forth immensely Such furor she creates Finished now, she takes a bow Her breathing gradually slowing "What a perfect night," she thinks The dancer exits glowing Kathleen McCoy Eldridge© July 17, 2005 All Rights Reserved



Misted Tubes

Sequenced by Robert Goldstick
Jack's Midi Music