When we moved from Johnson Bottom To a house up Peter Creek way The whole family was so excited And looked forward to moving day bullet The house was a lot more spacious We even had a room for dining It was like a mansion to folks like us And was near where Daddy was mining bullet Peter Creek ran in front of the house And was usually shallow and clear But when it flooded and covered the bank It became treacherously severe bullet In the summer, we got to go swimming Fun and laughter became contagious Sometimes in winter, the creek froze solid And we skated while being outrageous bullet With trees and the creek surrounding us The homeplace was pretty well secluded The outhouse was several yards away And a large garden spot was included bullet Under a big oak tree at the edge of the creek Was a huge rock where I'd sit and dream Of the things I'd do and the places I'd go And of a life carefree and serene bullet Like so many in Appalachia, our family was poor Daddy toiled in the mines to keep us going But the money went out faster than it came in With seven children who always kept growing bullet We all worked together to eke out a living And our home was always filled with love The good times far outweighed all the bad We knuckled down when push came to shove bullet Daddy and Mother have been gone for years And all of their kids turned out well My heart and mind still think of that time When Peter Creek was a fine place to dwell Kathleen McCoy EldridgeŠ May 15, 2006 All Rights Reserved
Song: Young At Heart
Sequencer & Photographer Unknown To Me