For Samantha

Sitting in the kitchen of the old homeplace
Was Mommy's old ceramic churn
We all had to help with the butter
And, Saturdays, it was my turn

I really didn't mind churning butter
But sometimes, it made such a mess
It spilled out around the wooden dasher
And I was wearing my new white dress

Many times, I sat and daydreamed
As I held the churn between my knees
Listening to the sloshing of the milk
And the curtains blowing in the breeze

My little brother played on the kitchen floor
As he waited impatiently for the first taste
I was careful not to spill any precious milk
'Cause we couldn't let any go to waste

When the dasher was getting hard to move
Then I knew it was finally time to stop
Inside the churn was the rich, yellow butter
Tiny beads of moisture glistened on the top

Simon's tiny fingers reached in for a taste
And I knew I wouldn't tattle to Mommy
I tasted my share of fresh butter too
On those Saturdays so busy and balmy

Ah, the memories of those long ago days
The old house disappeared in a storm
But I can still recall the love that was there
And churning when the days were so warm

Kathleen McCoy EldridgeŠ
July 23, 2006
All Rights Reserved

Come All Ye Fair And Tender Ladies
Sequenced by Barry Taylor
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